On the Subject of Space Traders

You are no longer a bomb defuser. You are now a SPACE TRADER!

This module consists of a star map with hypercorridors marked on it. At the bottom left, the maximum tax amount per vessel is displayed, as well as the number of products sold and the number of products to be sold.

When you hover over a star, you will receive information about its name, the race that lives there, the political regime, and the tax amount. Using the star's name, race and regime, determine if you should pay tax or not using the tables on the next pages.

The best selling prices are in the outskirts, so you only need to sell there. Outskirts are the star systems that have only one hypercorridor. To send a vessel to the star system, press it.

But be careful: if on the way from the solar system (Sun) to the destination (including the end point) the sum tax amount is greater than the maximum tax amount per vessel, then you will get a strike, and the number of sold products will be reset. For each star tax only applies once. Upon a strike, the module will generate a new number of products to be sold, a new maximum tax amount, and the star systems' political regimes will be regenerated. As soon as the required number of products is sold, the module will be solved. Correctly submitted paths will be marked in green.



Letter Must pay tax if ...
X Always pay tax
B Less than 4 batteries
P No serial or parallel ports
I Even number of indicators
S Exactly 2 digits in serial number
T Odd starting time in minutes
M Odd number of modules
R Odd number of minutes remaining
C Even number of solved modules
E No strikes
F Last digit of any 2-factor code is even