On the Subject of Spilling Paint

Where two wrongs make a right.

On the module is a 6×6 grid of cells, a color selector, and a reset button.

In order to solve the module, turn every cell white in exactly 7 spills. If any cell is not white after 7 spills, or you press the reset button, the module will return to its original state.

Each color is assigned a value between 0 and 6, where white is 0, red is 1, orange is 2, yellow is 3, green is 4, blue is 5, and purple is 6.

In order to spill paint on the module, select the color of your choice from the selector, then press a cell on the module. When paint spills, the following occurs:

  • Paint will be applied to the pressed cell, as well as every adjacent cell, both orthogonally and diagonally.
    • The grid does not wrap around, so a spill in the top left corner only affects 4 cells.
  • The new color of a cell is calculated by summing the numerical value of both the current cell color and the color of the paint spilled, subtracting 7 if the total is greater than 6, and converting this value back into a color.