On the Subject of Splitting The Loot

Divvying up stolen loot is an explosive task.

The module will show the loot from a heist. In order to disarm the module, loot must be evenly split between the two teams that stole the loot, while ensuring to divide up the diamond filled bags.

The module will show a set of bags. Four of the bags contain money, and have their value printed. The other three contain diamonds, and have a letter-number combination printed on them.

Using the table below, determine the value of the bags containing diamonds, based on the letter-number combination.

Clicking a bag will change the color of the bag, representing which of the two team will receive that portion of the loot. One of the bags will be locked as a certain color.

When the two teams have each been allocated an equal value of loot, AND all diamond filled bags are being divvied out (potentially leaving a/some money bags for the one dividing the goods), clicking on the button will distribute the goods, and disarm the module. Clicking the button when the distribution is not even, OR when a diamond filled bag is not marked to be distributed on one of the two sides, will result in a strike.

Bag Number/LetterABCDEFGHIJ

NOTE: One and seven looks similar on this module. One has a line at the bottom when seven does not.