On the Subject of Sporadic Segments

This appears to be a cross between a GameBoy and a digital clock, except the GameBoy only has one game, and the clock...

The module has a screen with a seven-segment display and two text displays, which cycle to spell a phrase.

The seven-segment display cycles through a seven-digit sequence, which repeats every time the top text display shows the word "SPORADIC".

Each segment is inverted when the last seconds digit of the bomb's countdown timer is certain digits; if the segment should be on it is off and if it should be off it is on. For each of the digits where the segment is inverted, add 2 raised to that power to obtain that segment's value.

To solve the module, press each segment when the last digit of the bomb's timer is the digit at the corresponding position of the digit sequence plus the last digit of that segment's value, modulo 10.

Clarifications: Anything raised to the power of 0 is 1. Segments are numbered in reading order. These are the digits used by the module and on other modules using seven-segment displays.

Image of 7 Segment Displays

Helpful tip: To obtain the digit sequence, take each element of it when the last digit is a certain digit. Thus, the inverted segments will be the same between each digit, allowing you to deduce what the digit sequence is. Once you have obtained the digit sequence, obtaining the values of the segments is trivial.