On the Subject of SpriteClub Betting Simulation

There could only be one winner. Root for your champion

NOTE: The module is not intended to be played in a normal fashion. The module also requires an internet connection to function.

To solve the module, press the "Solve" button. I'm not kidding with that. The module will still function even if it is solved.

The module simulates an account that is performing a bet on the SpriteClub site. During startup, the module generates a fake account that connects to the site. After startup, the module will initialize to adjust to the next battle (if it was successfully connected).

After initialization, the top display will change to "Input Pending". The module will ask for input to the account. Based on the battlers shown on the site, determine which one you think will win the battle. Bet on the team that will likely win the battle. The balance will show how much do you have on your account (it starts at $500). To bet on the module, type the amount that you want to bet. After that, click on either button in the center of the module (the two buttons represent the team that is going to battle).

If you bet correctly, the bet color will change depending on the button you pressed. This will indicate the team you are rooting for and the amount you want to bet. You can not change your bet amount after you press either button. However, you can still change the team if you want. If you want to reset your bet, click the "Reset" button. This will change the bet color back to white and the bet amount to $0.

After 30 seconds (in real-time), the module will lock your bet (if there is one). The module will then change to "Battle Result Pending". During that, the module will remain inactive. After the winning team is decided (if there is one), the module will then change to "Result".

If you bet on the winning team, you will win a reward based on the approximate ratio shown on the site and the amount you betted (you will always get at least a minimum of $1). If you did not bet on the winning team, you will lose your bet. Your account balance will decrease by the amount you betted (you will always remain at the minimum amount of $500). If there is no winning team (or if you did not select a team), the module will return your bet.

After the battle, the module will go back to the "Input Pending". You can keep betting on the module as much as you like (there is no punishment for losing). This account will last as long as the bomb is still active.