On the Subject of Trivialising Sprouts

Well... the math has been done but reading these is another challenge

This module displays three dots, and two buttons on the right. The triangular button will select a different line. The circular button will submit the currently shown line. The selected line will always be displayed in grey. To solve the module, win a game of sprouts against the bot.

Game rules

  • Players take turns connecting a dot to another dot or itself using a line.
  • A line may bend, but it may not cross any other line or itself.
  • After drawing a line, a new dot must be placed on this newly drawn line.
  • Each dot can have at most three lines connecting it.
  • The player who can no longer play a legal move has lost.

Upon losing, this module will not strike, however it takes a while to load and calculate moves, so try to avoid a time scramble.

The following graph indicates the path you should follow on the even positioned columns for each case on the odd positioned column to the left of it. Entering a case that has no continuation noted down implies a forced win regardless of your move or your opponents'. The star in the top-right area implies the application of an inversion: anything inside and outside a loop can be swapped while keeping the same connective properties. Note that the graph does not show any inverted variants of any of its items.