On the Subject of Squeeze

(Fish doctor) "Oh, Hans!" *Hans' hand takes a sick Spongebob to the sink* *Hans puts soap on Spongebob, then squeezes Spongebob* "WOOOOO! YEAH WOOOO!" *Spongebob laughs as he's cleaning a man's back* "It tickles!" *Spongebob now cleans a foot* "I can smell again!" *Spongebob cleans dishes, then a car, then the floor, being excited as ever* *Spongebob gets rinsed* *Hans' hand puts a now well Spongebob back in his place* "I feel as good as new, I love the doctor!" (Hans) "Here's your lollipop." *Hans gives Spongebob a giant lollipop*

  • This module consists of a large number made up of buttons, a single button for each digit.
  • To solve the module, make the number a single digit.
  • You can do this by halving and doubling sub-numbers within the number on the module.
  • This can be done by selecting the starting and ending digits of the sub-number, then selecting the pink digit to halve the sub-number, or the blue digit to double the sub-number.
  • If the selected sub-number is odd, it will be doubled automatically.
  • When the selected sub-number is a single digit, the digit will toggle between being pink and blue every half-second.
  • If the number ends up being larger than 9 digits, the module will reset but a strike will not occur.