On the Subject of Stacked Sequences

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This module presents two smaller LEDs to its left and a larger flashing LED to its right. The goal of this module is to separate two overlapped binary strings and submit both of them. Submitting an incorrect string will cause a strike.

The larger LED will be cycling a sequence where two binary strings, of coprime lengths of each other, have been added together (1 + 1 = 2). The strings wrap around infinitely many times. The larger LED's string needs to be separated back into two separate strings before you can continue. Note that black is 0 and grey is 1. White is 2 if it is being displayed as part of the ternary sequence, otherwise it is 1.

To begin entering your first string, press the top LED. Likewise, the second should be entered with the bottom LED. Once you have done so, you can input a 1 by pressing the top LED and a 0 by pressing the bottom LED. The larger LED will show the current input while this is being done. To finish a sequence, press the larger LED. Once both sequences have been entered, press the larger LED to submit both sequences. Note that it is unimportant where each of these sequences start and which one you allocated as your first sequence.