On the Subject of Starmap Reconstruction

ATTENTION! The navigation system is defective.
Reconstruct the star map from the available data manually.

The module consists of eight stars and "CLEAR" and "SUBMIT" buttons. Hover over a star for information about it. Press two stars to create hypercorridor. Press two stars connected with hypercorridor to remove it. Press "CLEAR" button to remove all hypercorridors.

Using the information about each star, create a network of hypercorridors and press the "SUBMIT" button. If all the conditions described on this and the next page are met, the module will be solved. Otherwise, you will get a strike.



Adjacent stars count:

Letter to number converter:

Letter X % 6 + 1
A X = Ports count
B X = 1st digit in serial #
C X = Lit indicators count
D X = D batteries count
E X = Port plates count
F X = Battery holders count
G X = Min digit in serial #
H X = Unlit indicators count

Length of shortest path: