Ripping Out Stacks Of Sticky Notes

A sticky note can be used to memorize anything you can think of. The main note is the fact that it doesn't stick that long.

  • To disarm, determine which job needs to be done first, and click on the related sticky-note.
  • Using the below and the day of the week the bomb was started on, select the first job in the list.
  • Be aware of sticky notes overlapping each other! This can block parts of the sticky note which will make the defuser have to interpret if the note is an actual job note or not.

All of the notes are obtained from the source code for this module here.

To Disarm:

Select the first job in reading order in the table provided based on the condition specified. For example, if the day of the week is Monday, you would find the table for the Monday/Friday jobs, Tuesday/Thursday jobs for Tuesday, etc.

Red Herrings are notes that look very similar to the correct note but will ALWAYS cause a strike if you select them.

ALWAYS AVOID (Red Herrings)
Withdraw petty cash Post payslips Meeting for Thursday
Buy coffee and tea Make tea for office Make coffee for office
Document new procedure to create new module Disciplinary with EggFriedCheese Disciplinary with Superpawn
Discipinary with Royal Change name of employee DiscIpLinaRy wiTh TiM
Photocopy new starter information Make tea for visitors Hire new vehicle for Dazarino
Withdraw $1000 from petty cash Pay IT support Adjust timesheet of employee
Create managers schedule pAy TiM wHaT hE''s OwEd

Weekday Jobs

Day of Week is Monday or Friday / Admin Jobs
Photocopy managers schedule Make coffee for visitors Call client to book meeting on Tuesday
Show new employee around office Document new procedure to defuse a bomb Call client to book meeting on Friday
Buy tea and coffee Call client to book meeting on Wednesday Check timesheets of employees
Day of Week is Tuesday or Thursday / Human Resources (HR) Jobs
Pass pay details to payroll Update new starter file Change addresses of employees
Photocopy personel file Interview new starters Disciplinary with Dazarino
Call new applicants Meeting with visitors Update vehicle database
Day of Week is Wednesday / Payroll Jobs
Reconcile tax Pay employees Pay outstanding invoice
Pay in petty cash Contact unpaid invoices Generate payslips
Post next weeks invoices Call client for meeting Deposit earnings in bank

Weekend Jobs

These items are sorted in alphabetical order for convenience.

Day of Week is Saturday or Sunday / Misc Jobs
Adopt Elias the Panda Appointment with doctor Aunt coming to visit Ben's birthday bash
Buy more sticky notes Candlelit dinner with Ash Charity livestream (24 hours) Coffee meet with Random
Complete the centurian Complete the minitorian Complete the praetorian Create quiz questions for Ash
Cruise with River Do escape room with Skyeward Download ATMoS Holodeck Drink with friends
Enter countdown tournament Fun-day out with kids Give Sillypuppy more marbles Go bowling with Sari
Go to the gym with Kilda Golf with Callum Hang clothes out to dry Have date night with Squishy
Indian takeaway Jury service Learn csharp for new module Look at new houses on the market
Make JOS famous Moonlit dinner with Tathra Movie-Night with Blockworker Northern lights visit
Order dominoes pizza Playing KTaNE with the TGB crew Quiz night with Royal See theatre play
Teach Tutorialbot to play the piano Training for 10km run Visit family Visit theme park