On the Subject of Striped Keys

So many colors.

  • On the module will be three rectangular buttons side by side. Each key will be striped in two different colors. The possible colors are: Red, Green, Blue, Magenta and Yellow.
  • The table below will be used with these buttons and colors to find out what to submit. Each column will represent each key from left to right.
  • Stop at the first row in the table where one of the two colors from each button is present in that row. If there is not a row present, use the first row as your stopping point.
  • To solve the module, take the next row after the row that you have stopped at (wrapping around to the top of the table if at the bottom) and press the buttons from left to right with the corresponding colors from left to right in that row.
  • Clicking an incorrect key will issue a strike and it will not reset the inputs.
Color Table
C1 C2 C3
Red Yellow Magenta
Blue Magenta Green
Blue Red Yellow
Magenta Blue Red
Yellow Red Green
Green Red Blue
Magenta Green Red
Blue Yellow Red
Magenta Green Yellow
Red Magenta Blue
Yellow Green Red
Green Blue Magenta
Yellow Magenta Green
Magenta Yellow Blue
Red Blue Yellow
Yellow Green Blue
Red Green Magenta
Blue Yellow Magenta