On the Subject of Stupid Slots

Somehow substantially sillier.

Pressing the 6 arrow buttons will add their values to the displayed number. Two of the arrows will be nonfunctional and have a value of 0, two will have a positive value, and two will have a negative value.

To solve the module, set the displayed number to a value which follows three constraints and press the button at the bottom of the module.

To find the first constraint which must be met, take the leftmost arrows on the top and bottom rows whose values are not equal to 0. Modulo both of these numbers by 5, and use their values in the below table to obtain a constraint.

Repeat the above step with the rightmost arrows of each row to obtain a second constraint.

To obtain the third constraint, take every nonzero arrow value and modulo them by 10. The rightmost digit of your number must be one of these numbers.

# Top Button Bottom Button
0 The number, modulo 5, must equal… 0 or 5
1 The digital root must be… 1 or 6
2 The number must be a multiple of… 2 or 7
3 The number's first digit must be… 3 or 8
4 The number's second digit must be… 4 or 9

To modulo a number x by y, add or subtract y from x until x is greater than 0 and less than y.

All numbers are interpreted as being 3-digits long. The first digit of 24 is read as 0.