On the Subject of Subscribe to Pewdiepie

Unsubscribe to T-Series >:(((((((

This module shows the subscriber count of PewDiePie (on the top) and the subscriber count of T-Series (on the bottom), with a number in between that displays the sub gap. However, the screens aren’t accurate, so you need to recalculate the numbers and then submit the actual sub gap.

Follow all of the rules listed below to modify the displayed numbers. Then find the difference between PewDiePie’s subscriber count and T-Series’ subscriber count, input the number in the middle and submit it.

When the instructions below refer to their subscriber counts, they refer to the modified subscriber count you had at the time of following the direction. Regard differences between subscriber counts as positive.


  • If T-Series has more subscribers than PewDiePie, change T-Series’ subscriber count to PewDiePie’s, and vice versa.
  • Add 500 subscribers to T-Series’ count for every T-Words module on the bomb, and 500 to PewDiePie’s for every Pie module on the bomb.
  • Add 10 subscribers to PewDiePie’s subscriber count for every module on the bomb (including this module).
  • If there is a 101 Dalmatians and a Cooking module, subtract the difference between T-Series’ and PewDiePie’s subscriber counts from T-Series’ count.
  • Multiply PewDiePie’s subscriber count by 0.95 for every battery on the bomb. Round down after multiplying each time.
  • If there are any letters from TSERIES in the serial number, multiply T-Series’ subscriber count by 1.5. Round down.

If PewDiePie does not have more subscribers than T-Series, submit 00000.

If PewDiePie has at least 100000 more subscribers than T-Series, submit the last five digits.