On the Subject of Surrounding Buttons

All hail the button almighty.

If this module does not have a large central button, you are looking at a different module.

This module presents twelve "small" buttons and one large button in the middle (which will be referred to as the submit button throughout the rest of this manual), each coloured red, yellow, green or blue. These colours — and the buttons with those colours — all have "values", given by the table below.


Each button that is not the submit button can be "marked" by pressing it. To unmark a button, press it again. A button turns off when it is marked.

While there are less than six marked buttons, repeat the following steps:

  • Take the value of the button that you last marked (if you have not marked any so far, use the top-left button) and add the value of the submit button.
  • Count this many buttons clockwise around the submit button. Start counting at the button after the one you marked last, or the top-left button if there are no marked buttons.
  • If the button you landed on is already marked, keep moving clockwise until you land on an unmarked button.
  • Mark the button that you have landed on.

Once you have marked six buttons, you may press the submit button. The module will solve if your answer is correct, however it will strike otherwise. Strikes do not reset the colours of each button. The module will not submit your answer if you press the submit button while there are not six marked buttons.