On the Subject of Switches

A yes or no choice isn't too bad. Unfortunately you have to make five of them and any of them could be your last.

Switches need to be flipped to match the lit indicators either above or below them.

Avoid the following switch states:

The goal is to put all switches down, then switch them up to make them match the lights.
In the list below, the left side is the switches that are up, or the upper lights that are on. The fright side are the switches to switch.
To make all switches go down, flip all from LEFT to RIGHT except:
13 → 31
23 → 32
123 → 132
1245 → 4125
12345 → 34125
To make all switches go up to match the final lights, flip all from RIGHT to LEFT except:
13 → 13
23 → 23
123 → 231
1245 → 5214
12345 → 52143
Note: These rules only apply to ruleseed 1. Different ruleseeds will not have the same illegal states.