On the Subject of Synchronization

Bringing order to chaos, one blinking light at a time.

5 of the 9 lights on the module will flash at different speeds rated 1-5, slowest to fastest. The rest will be speed 0 and will be left on. Synchronizing the flashing lights to each other and then to the bomb itself will disarm the module. Holding down the sync button for 2 seconds will revert the module back to its initial state.

Finding the syncing order

Use the displayed number and fastest flashing light position to find the starting cell on the chart. Shift on the chart a number of times based on the speed rating of the center light in the direction that the slowest flashing light is from the center light. Wrap around the chart if you need to.

Syncing lights together

Select a light that fits the order you found in the last step. After you select the first light it will stop flashing. Then select the next light to sync with the first light. If done correctly the two lights are now considered to be synced. Synced lights both have the same speed and are selected as a group. You can only select lights that haven't been synced yet until there isn't a pair of unsynced lights left.

Syncing with the bomb

After you synced all the lights together, you need to press the button labeled "SYNC" when the number displayed is in the number of whole seconds on the timer.

Sync Display Position of Light
↖︎ ↑︎ ↗︎ →︎ ↘︎ ↓︎ ↙︎ ←︎ •︎
1-3 Des -Asc -Opp AltAsc AltOpp AltAsc -Opp -Opp -Opp +
4-6 Asc +Opp AltDes AltDes +Des AltDes +Asc -Asc +Asc Alt
7-9 Des -Des AltOpp -Opp +Des +Asc AltAsc +Des -Opp +
Asc/Des = Ascending/Descending speed order.
Opp = Opposite speed order. Select either the highest with the lowest or the lowest with the highest first and remain consistent in subsequent syncs. For example, select light 1 with 5 then 2 with 4, or 5 with 1 then 4 with 2.
+/- = On/Off light state.
Alt = Alternating light state. Select the on or off state for the first sync, but subsequent syncs must be opposite states. For example, select both of the lights while off then on, or while on then off