On the Subject of T-Words

Troublesome terms to tell the trained team-member.

  • The module consists of four buttons, each containing a "T-Word" label and a coloured LED.
  • Press the coloured LED to cycle alternative fonts.
  • Determine which is the relevant column of the table.
  • Press the words in the order they appear in the table.
  • Pressing the words in the wrong order will cause a strike and reset the labels.
Use if there are more than four batteries and the LED is not red. Otherwise, use if there is an unlit BOB or FRK or a lit CAR or IND and the LED is not green. Otherwise, use if there is a serial port and a DVI-D port and the LED is not blue. Otherwise, use if the serial number does not contain a vowel and the LED is not orange. Otherwise, use this column.
Tautochronous Tatterdemalion Tauromorphous Tellurometer Tachygraphy
Tarantella Taphephobia Tellurian Tachyphrasia Tablature
Tenderometer Tachyphrasia Taphephobia Tabernacular Tamandua
Tellurometer Teichoscopy Tenderometer Tautochronous Taphrogenesis
Tectosphere Tenderometer Teichoscopy Tachygraphy Tangoreceptor
Tessaraglot Tautochronous Tangoreceptor Tellurian Taphephobia
Tamandua Taphrogenesis Tellurometer Tablature Tectosphere
Tabernacular Tabernacle Tamandua Tessaraglot Tauromorphous
Tachygraphy Tangoreceptor Tachygraphy Terpsichorean Tessaraglot
Tangoreceptor Tellurian Tablature Tatterdemalion Tachyphrasia
Tatterdemalion Terpsichorean Taphrogenesis Tamandua Tellurometer
Teichoscopy Tellurometer Tachyphrasia Tenderometer Tautochronous
Terpsichorean Tectosphere Tatterdemalion Tauromorphous Tenderometer
Tellurian Tauromorphous Tabernacle Teichoscopy Tarantella
Taphephobia Tablature Tectosphere Taphrogenesis Tabernacle
Tabernacle Tamandua Tessaraglot Tarantella Teichoscopy
Tachyphrasia Tabernacular Tarantella Tabernacle Tatterdemalion
Tauromorphous Tarantella Tabernacular Tectosphere Terpsichorean
Taphrogenesis Tachygraphy Terpsichorean Taphephobia Tellurian
Tablature Tessaraglot Tautochronous Tangoreceptor Tabernacular