On the Subject of Taco Tuesday

To consume such a delicious treat on a dreary weekday is a gift to the working class.

This module has three displays, each with an arrow to their left and right. The bottom-most display also has a button above it and to the left. To solve the module the defuser must input the correct entries for all three fields. An incorrect submission will issue a strike.

After the module is solved, go ahead and press the icon in the bottom right to celebrate! Of course, it sometimes celebrates in strange ways...

The first field from the top contains the three foods on the menu for the event you are scheduling. For each food in this field, find it's equivalent in Table 1. Sum all of the values you get to get variable A.

Ice Cream1
Hot Dog1

For each of the present food's value, take that place in the serial number and get it's alphanumeric position (A=1,B=2,...Z=26). Add all of these together to get variable B.

Using variables A and B, consult the following table to get the entries needed for the first two fields. If the number you obtain is greater than 6 or less than 0, add or subtract 7 until it is in that range. If the value you get for the First Field is 0, add 1.

Current DayFirst FieldSecond Field
Sunday(100 - A) modulo 5(B modulo 8) + 1
MondayNumber of Batteries modulo 4((B + 15) - A) modulo 6
TuesdayB - 10A + Last Digit in Serial
WednesdayA + B5 + Number of Port Plates
Thursday(A * A) modulo 9Number of Indicators + B
FridayDigital Root of (B * 2)Digital Root of (A * 2)
Saturday6 + A + BNumber of Ports

Take the value you got from the first field and read the first table from the direction given below. If that food item is not an option in the first field, continue reading in the indicated direction until you reach a food item that is present. That is the food you need to submit in the First Field.

  • If there is a DVI-D Port on the bomb, take the first value that matches when reading from the top down.
  • Otherwise, If there is a lit indicator CAR on the bomb, take the first value that matches when reading from the bottom up.
  • Otherwise, If today is Tuesday, take the first value that matches when reading from the top down.
  • Otherwise, take the first value that matches when reading from the bottom up.

With the Second Field value you calculated, look at the table below to obtain the Day to submit for the Second Field:


Finally, to obtain the final field check for the following conditions:

  • If there is an Ice Cream module on this bomb, the final field is Sunday.
  • Otherwise, If your first Day value matches the current day or A modulo 7, the final field is Tuesday.
  • Otherwise, if the number of ports on the bomb is even, the final field is Thursday.
  • Otherwise, if there are any vowels in the serial number, the final field is Wednesday.
  • Otherwise, if there are no Parallel Ports on the bomb, the final field is Monday.
  • Otherwise, if there is an indicator labelled FRK, the final field is Saturday.
  • Otherwise, the final field is Friday.

However, if both Day Fields are the same day, press the button between them to turn the final field off. We do not like redundant redundancies.