On the Subject of Tasha Squeals

Why does Simon get to have all of the fun? Once Tasha starts squealing, everyone else is shocked!

This module looks similar to Simon Says. There will be a diamond of colors green, yellow, blue, and pink. One of these will be flashing.

Follow the tables below using the location of the button that flashed, going down the column to the color that flashed to figure out which button should be pressed next. The button you press is displayed on the left of the table. If the correct chart does not show which button is supposed to be pressed because of a missing direction or color, then press the pink button.

After each button press, a high-pitched squeal can be heard.

Repeat the previous sequence each time before inputting the next button. Input a full sequence of five presses to solve this module.

NOTE: XOR means that it only applies if exactly one condition is true, not neither and not both.

~ If the pink button is at the top of the diamond XOR this is the module’s second or fifth input, use this chart.

Top Left Right
Green Yellow Pink Blue
Yellow Green Yellow Green
Blue Blue Green Pink

~ Otherwise, if the pink button is at the left of the diamond XOR this is the module’s fourth input, use this chart.

Top Right Bottom
Yellow Blue Yellow Pink
Blue Pink Green Yellow
Green Yellow Blue Green

~ Otherwise, if this is a prime numbered input XOR the bomb has an even number of batteries, use this chart.

Left Bottom Top
Blue Yellow Blue Pink
Green Green Yellow Green
Yellow Pink Pink Blue

~ If none of the above instructions can be used to find a chart, use the one below.

Right Left Bottom
Green Pink Pink Green
Blue Green Blue Yellow
Yellow Yellow Green Blue