On the Subject of Ternary Tiles

What universe is this module from?

This module presents a 4×3 grid of buttons, an indicator below it and a submit button to its right. Pressing a button will add 1 to its label, unless its label is "2", in which case it will change back to 0. To solve the module, you must submit a specific pattern using the buttons. Submitting a pattern that is not the pattern the module expected will cause a strike. Note: for the whole of this manual, letters refer to columns and numbers refer to rows.

Step 1: Determining Base Values

The base value for each button depends on the bomb's edgework. Read through the list of conditions below and if any of them are true, let the button given by that condition's label be 1. Otherwise, let it be 0.

Condition Button
The bomb has either a serial or an AC port C3
The bomb has either a parallel or a USB port B2
The bomb has either an RJ-45 or a Component Video port B3
The bomb has either a DVI-D or a Composite Video port A4
The bomb has either a PS/2 or an HDMI port A3
The bomb has either a Stereo RCA or a PCMCIA port C1
The last digit of the bomb's serial number is odd B1
The first digit of the bomb's serial number is even B4
The bomb's serial number contains any letter from "TILES" A1
There are more lit than unlit indicators on the bomb C2
The bomb has a lit indicator labelled "_SA"* C4
The bomb has an unlit indicator labelled "C_R"* A2
*An underscore denotes any letter.

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Step 2: Modifying Base Values

For each of the 12 characters displayed on the indicator, if it is...

  • ...a letter, add 1 to each element of that column in the grid.
  • ...a number, add 1 to each element of that row in the grid.
  • ..."+", add 1 to every element in the grid.

Ensure that each element is within the range 0-2 (and if any of them aren't, subtract 3 from them until they are between 0-2), then submit that pattern of elements.