On the Subject of TetraVex

I knew putting "Microsoft Entertainment Pack" on my résumé would be beneficial someday!

  • This module contains nine TetraVex pieces arranged in a 3×3 grid. Each piece is separated into four triangular sections with a number marking them.
  • Select a piece to pick it up off of the board.
  • While a piece is held, select another piece to swap that piece with the one currently being held. Select the empty space to set the held piece down there.
  • Rearrange the pieces such that the edges of all orthogonally adjacent pieces match each other. Edges not facing another piece (i.e. facing the edge of the board) may be ignored.
  • When the pieces are arranged correctly, press the Check button to disarm the module.
  • Pressing the Check button when any two pieces share an edge that does not match, or while a piece is still in hand, will cause a strike.
Some puzzles may have more than one solution. In such a case, any such solution may be submitted.