On the Subject of Tetrahedron

Your memory will be lost in this Bermuda Tetrahedron.

The module has a Tetrahedron. For convenience, the vertices are denoted with letters. The outer vertices located directly on the module surface are A, B, and C, in reading order. The center vertex that is located at a certain elevation from the module surface is vertex D. There is also a small display on the module that displays the number of moves made and the number of moves to make. When the Tetrahedron is inactive, all of its edges are colored black.

When the bomb is activated and every time any non-ignored module is solved, the Tetrahedron is activated: its edges will be painted in different colors and the vertex D will turn green.

Color Passable if ...
Red more than 27 modules on the bomb
Green at most 2 digits in serial number
Blue more than 2 indicators
Yellow odd starting time in minutes
Magenta at most 3 batteries
Cyan even number of port plates

First, determine which edges are passable using the table on the right.

Black edges are always impassable, while white edges are always passable.

To deactivate the Tetrahedron you need to submit a valid path. To make a move press any vertex other than the green one (this is your current position). The path is valid if:

  • it takes exactly as many moves as is shown on the display;
  • it does not go through impassable edges;
  • it ends at vertex D;
  • it has not been used previously on this Tetrahedron;
  • it was not used on another Tetrahedron. This rule is optional on Twitch Plays. But when the module is solved, if all submitted paths were not used in another Tetrahedron, then you will receive additional points (if, of course, other Tetrahedrons are present on the bomb).

If the path is not valid, you will get a strike and the stage will be restarted. If only the last rule was violated and Twitch Plays is inactive, then the colors of the edges will change.

If another non-ignored module is solved while the Tetrahedron is active, you will receive a strike, and the next stage will be added to the queue and will be activated immediately after the current stage is solved.

After deactivating the Tetrahedron, if there are no more unsolved non-ignored modules on the bomb, this module will be solved.