On the Subject of Tetris Sprint

Usain Tetris? Tetris Bolt?

  • Play tetris.
  • The time will start counting up and the Tetris soundtrack will start playing the moment you start interacting with the module.
  • Background music can be muted by pressing the mute button. The mute button can be pressed again to unmute the background music.
  • Left and right buttons can be held to move the pieces to the edge.
  • Pieces will not fall with time, but instead will be placed as far down as possible, i.e. hard drop only.
  • To solve the module, the player will be required to clear 40 rows. There's no time limit to do so.
  • If the board fills up, the board will reset and no strike will be given. Although 200 score and 20 seconds penalty will be given.