On the Subject of The Assorted Arrangement

This looks like one of those match three games that you find in mobile ads. Fortunately this is not pay to win.

  • The module will display four items.
  • Find this arrangement of items in the table below.
  • Every selection in the table is unique.
  • Submit the row and column of the point that lies between all four items shown. The top left is A1. The letter goes further in the alphabet as you go right, and the number increases as you go down.
  • Each display also acts as a button with a different function:
    • The top left button cycles your letter component of the coordinate through the alphabet.
    • The top right button submits your current coordinate. If an incorrect coordinate is submitted, then a strike is incurred and your coordinate resets back to A1.
    • The bottom left button resets your current coordinate.
    • The bottom right button increases the number component.