On the Subject of The Brown Button

This is a button. It is brown.

This module will automatically rotate through a 3D net of a 4D hypercube. Tap the button to move forward in the net.

Three 3D cells in the net will be marked. One will be marked with a color, one with a shape, and one with a number.

Use the marked cells to determine which cell to submit. Each cell has a label. In the following table, tag the cells corresponding to the marked cells. Submit the cell that is in the remaining untagged row and the column with the majority tags. The non-visible cell is zig.

left right
back front
down up
zig zag

To submit a cell, move into a wall in that cell. Moving into an incorrect wall will incur a strike.

Note that the hypercube will never be mirrored.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 up back right front left zag down