On the Subject of The Burnt

The ritual must continue.

This module will present ritual flames, representing each of those performing it.
A red flame is one person, a green flame ten, and a blue flame one hundred.
The more power there is in the ritual, the easier the module will be to solve. Fanning the flames once will make them stable. Fanning again may solve the module.


For every green flame, you will have to perform the steps below one fewer time.
Also, if the bomb's voltage is greater than the number of red flames, you will have to perform the steps two fewer times.
If there is no voltage indicator, the bomb has zero volts.
You will always have to perform at least one step.


Start with a value of one.
Repeat these steps ten times, minus any conditions under Power:

  • Multiply your current value by the number of red flames minus the number of blue flames.
  • After each multiplication, take the digital root of the result. This is your new value.

Finally, once you have completed all of the previous steps, fan the flames for the second time when the last seconds digit of the bomb's timer reads that value.