On the Subject of The Button

You might think that a button telling you to press it is pretty straightforward. That’s the kind of thinking that gets people exploded.

Follow these rules in the order they are listed. Perform the first action that applies:

  1. The button is red and says Hold: tap it
  2. The bomb has 2+ Batteries and the button says Detonate: tap it
  3. The button is blue and says Abort: hold it
  4. The bomb has a lit CAR and the button is white: hold it
  5. The bomb has 3+ Batteries and a lit FRK: tap it
  6. Otherwise: hold it

Releasing a Held Button

If you start holding the button down, a colored strip will light up on the right side of the module. Based on its color you must release the button when the countdown timer has the following digit in any position:

  • Blue = 4
  • Yellow = 5
  • Otherwise = 1