hours forwardminutes forwardminutes backwardhours backwardsubmit (hold for reset)

On the Subject of The Clock

Tick-tock... as if you needed more reminding that time is running out.

  • The clock on the module displays a time.
  • The circular charts below simulate a clock face. Using the features of the clock on the module, find a straight line through all the correct categories on each chart to determine a second time.
  • If more than half of the bomb’s original time limit is displayed on the digital countdown timer, add the determined time to the current time displayed on the module. Otherwise, subtract it instead.
  • Adjust the clock to the resulting time and press the submit button to set the clock and disarm the module. Setting an incorrect time results in a strike and a new initial time will be displayed.

NOTE: Remember to switch between AM and PM if necessary. Hours Color of the casingType of numeralsDoes the color of thenumerals andtickmarks matchthat of the hands?12

MinutesAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPrAbPr Is aseconds handpresent orabsent?Is the AM/PMindicatorblack (B) orwhite (W) text?Color of thenumerals/tickmarksShapeofhands0