On the Subject of The Colored Maze

Probably don’t print this in black and white...

This module will show a reset button and 6 buttons, each with a separate color.

To solve the module, find where your starting position is, then move to a corner.

To find the starting position, take the first letter of the serial number’s alphabetic position (A=1, B=2...Z=26), modulo 4, then add 1. This will be along the top of the maze. Then take the first digit of the serial number modulo 4 then add 1. This will be along the side of the maze. This leads to a coordinate that will be your starting position.

To move in the maze, press a button with the same color as a color of an adjacent square. If the color leads to an adjacent square and there is no wall, it will move there. If it runs into a wall, or there isn’t an adjacent square with that color, the module will strike, and the module will not reset. Corners are marked with a white diamond.