On the Subject of The Cruel Duck

It just needs love... Okay, who gave it a knife?

  • The module will start off as a closed curtain. This curtain will specify what environment the duck lives in and its personality. After revealing what is behind the curtain (depending on what is behind the curtain), you will have several approach options and items to choose from.
  • Be careful, because if you incur a strike, the curtains, if not already closed, will close again and display a different pattern with different colors.

Curtain Pattern

Follow this chart to see what the curtain pattern means.

Polka Dots The duck lives in a farm.
Vertical Stripes The duck lives in a pond.
Horizontal Stripes The duck lives in a shelter.
Rings The duck is domesticated.

Curtain Color

The order of the chart below depends on how many batteries are on the bomb. If there are less than 2 batteries, the color that appears above the other color is prioritized. Otherwise, the color that appears below the other color is prioritized.

Red The duck is an open book, waiting to meet new people and experience new things such as locations, food, and most importantly, other ducks.
Green The duck keeps to itself, thinking that is above everyone else, but doesn't bother others.
Blue The duck is a gracious being, acting like a diva as it sees itself as popular among other animals. Everyone loves this duck because it's nicer than all the others.
Yellow The duck is somewhat mechanical, following orders and not really having an outstanding personality other than being a follower.
Purple The duck is self-aware, knowing that it is a simple avian. It will take any chance it has to communicate with other ducks or humans.
Orange Der der der der der der der der DUCK MAN!

The Big Reveal

After determining the habitat of the duck and its personality, you can click on the curtain to reveal what is behind it.

There are a few possibilities on what could happen:

  1. The curtain opens and there is nothing behind it. :(
  2. The curtain opens and— DAMN IT, ANOTHER DAMN PELICAN.
  3. The curtain opens and an actual duck is behind it.

If there is nothing behind the curtain, take all the numbers in the serial number and add them up. Then subtract 5 until you get a digit that is between 0 and 9 (unless the number is already between 0 and 9). Click the curtains again when the seconds digit on the bomb's timer reaches the number you calculated.

If the curtain opens and one of those gosh-diddly-darn pelicans is behind it, refer to Reverse Approach.

If the curtain opens and there's an actual duck, refer to Approach.


Before performing an action with an item, take the item you will need (e.g. if you need a book, click the book icon.)

Follow this chart to determine how to approach the duck.

Open Book Walk if there are less than two batteries on the bomb.
Otherwise, run with a book, UNLESS it lives on a farm or in a shelter.
In that case, walk with a book.
Introvert Don't approach at all, UNLESS it lives in a pond.
In that case, fly.
Diva Dive if there is an RJ-45 port present.
Otherwise, walk with a slice of cake, a kite, or a bell.
Mechanical Run if there is a lit SIG indicator or an unlit BOB indicator.
Otherwise, fly, UNLESS it is domesticated.
In that case, walk with a slice of cake.
Self-Aware Sneak with a book or a pencil if there is more than one port plate.
Otherwise, sneak.
DUCK MAAAAAAAAN Sneak, UNLESS it lives in a pond or shelter.
In that case, don't approach at all.

Duck Part

Based on how you approached the duck, determine what part of the duck you need to touch using the chart on the next page. However, sometimes the duck will not like what you touched, and will squawk. In that case, go to the next body part in the list.

Walk Empty-Handed: Tail, Right Foot (when there is a 5 in the timer), Left Foot
Item other than cake: Left Foot, Tail, Beak
Cake: Eye (when the two seconds digits add up to 7)
Run Empty-Handed: Eye, Left Foot, Afro
Book: Belly, Tail (when the two seconds digits add up to 6), Right Foot
Dive Afro (when you have an even number of solves), Belly, Beak, Right Foot, Tail, Left Foot
Fly Beak
Sneak Empty-Handed: Left Foot, Beak, Afro, Tail
Any item: Belly
No Approach Afro (if the module isn't already solved)

Reverse Approach

Take the item that you need, similarly to the regular Approach, except with much different items. Your goal here is to shoo the pelican away. Use this chart for the most effective method of scaring it away. Click the first one in the list AND on the module.

Last Digit of Serial Number
0 Shoot the sky with shotgun, whack with tennis racket, kick with boots
1 Blast with airhorn, spray with water gun, whack with tennis racket
2 Shoot the sky with shotgun, blast with airhorn, throw a tomato at it
3 Whack with tennis racket, throw a tomato at it, spray with water gun
4 Kick with boots, spray with water gun, shoot the sky with shotgun
5 Spray with water gun, shoot the sky with shotgun, throw a tomato at it
6 Throw a tomato at it, kick with boots, spray with water gun
7 Blast with airhorn, kick with boots, shoot sky with shotgun
8 Spray with water gun, kick with boots, throw a tomato at it
9 Whack with tennis racket, throw a tomato at it, kick with boots

After doing this, go back to The Big Reveal as if nothing were behind the curtain.