On the Subject of The Crystal Maze

Will you start the fans, please!

  • Welcome cohorts, Reckless Rick at your service! Our cohort of intrepid adventurers are daring to challenge the Crystal Maze in the hope of winning a fabulous prize - the disarming of the module.
  • You will face a series of challenges across four worlds: Aztec, Industrial, Futuristic and Medieval. The challenges you face will make or break you my fearless friends, as you contend with skill, physical, mental and mystery games.
  • Succeeding at games will win you time crystals. Each time crystal buys you five seconds of time within the Crystal Dome, where you will face your final challenge.
  • Remember cohorts, you may travel the world in any order you wish and attempt the Crystal Dome as soon as you have at least one time crystal. But beware, you may only attempt each world once and failure to win any crystals will reset the game and cause a strike.

Aztec World

  • The unforgiving heat of the Aztec world makes for a perfect physical game. You have one minute to balance the scales.
  • Add weight to the sand bag on the left by hammering the buttons. Keep your eye on them though; the buttons will switch around after a certain number of presses. The number of presses before a switch will remain consistent.
  • Beware adding too much weight, for it cannot be removed once added.
  • When you have added enough weight, press the add button to tip the scales.
  • Balancing the weight exactly will unlock a crystal.

Industrial World

  • The sunken and ruined Industrial world will test your cerebral faculties with this mental game. You have one minute to reverse the machine.
  • Take the serial number of the machine and pay heed to these formulae:
  • X = letter 1 + letter 5. Y = letter 2 + letter 4. Z = (X × Y) modulo letter 3.
  • Enter Z into the screen to reverse the direction and unlock a crystal.
  • Here's a handy little table for you to get a better grasp of those letters.
7 15 20 5 12 19 9 18 1 16 11 6 23 13 22 4 21 24 3 26 10 25 14 8 17 2

Futuristic World

  • Welcome to this Futuristic world and this cunning little mystery game. You have one minute to select your three colours.
  • Three coloured words will cycle each of the three screens.
  • Each of the screens will contain one anomaly; either only one word will match its colour or only one word will differ.
  • Press each screen when the anomaly is displayed to unlock a crystal.

Medieval World

  • And into the past we gallop to the Medieval world and this tricky little skill game. You have one minute to press the target at the right time.
  • The target contains four rotating concentric circles.
  • Take note of the colour and rotation direction of each circle and look up their corresponding numbers in the table below.
  • Sum all four numbers and modulo 10. Press the target when the last digit of the game timer equals that number to unlock a crystal.
Blue Brown Green Purple Red Yellow
Clockwise 2 31 5 23 11 17
Counter-clockwise 37 3 29 7 19 13

The Crystal Dome

  • Well cohorts, here we are at the Crystal Dome. I certainly hope you've brought enough crystals with you.
  • Upon entering the Crystal Dome, the fans will begin. At the whistle, you must collect as many gold tokens as you can.
  • Any silver tokens you collect will be deducted from your total gold, which must be 15 or greater after deduction in order to disarm the module.
  • Collecting fewer than 15 tokens will result in a full reset and a strike.
  • Good luck cracking the Crystal Maze, cohorts!