On the Subject of The Cube

The mothership has been contacted. They’ve sent an executive toy…

  • The module consists of a rotating cube, a rotating stage spinner, four coloured wires, eight square variable buttons, two cipher displays and a circular submit button.
  • To disarm the module, you must press the correct combination of buttons at each stage. Entering an incorrect combination will cause a strike.
  • You need to obtain a final cipher, comprised of three initial ciphers in order to calculate the correct buttons for each stage.

Cipher #1

  • The first cipher is obtained using the formulae in the below table. A '%' sign refers to the modulo operation.
    Digit # Formula
    1 (RC1 + F6 + WC3) % 10
    2 (RC2 + F5 + WC4) % 10
    3 (RC3 + F4 + WC1) % 10
    4 (RC4 + F3 + WC2) % 10
    5 (RC5 + F2) % 8
    6 (RC6 + F1) % 9

Rotation Codes (RC)

  • The cube will move six times before pausing briefly and repeating. Observe the cube’s movements to attain the rotation codes.
  • Movement references are given from an aerial perspective.
  • Wire references are counted at the wire starting block from top to bottom.
  • Button colours are EXCLUSIVE of the circular submit button.
  • White wires and grey buttons are treated as the same colour.
    Movement Rotation Code
    Rotate clockwise 4
    Rotate counterclockwise 7
    Tip forwards First digit of serial number
    Tip backwards Last digit of serial number
    Tip left # of buttons the same colour as the third wire
    Tip right # of buttons the same colour as first wire

Cube Faces (F)

  • Each face of the cube contains a digit.
  • The green LED represents the top face (LED is in the top left corner).
  • The red LED represents the bottom face (LED is in the bottom left corner).
  • The digits on the other faces will be oriented correctly when the top and bottom faces are oriented correctly.
  • Use the below cube net to determine each cube face:

Wire Codes (WC)

  • The wire positions are defined by the wire starting block, reading from top to bottom.
  • Use the below table to calculate each wire code. In each instance, use only the last digit of the answer:
    Colour Wire Code
    Blue Wire position + 5
    Green # of blue buttons + 7
    Orange # of green buttons + 3
    Purple Sum of the digits on the cube
    Red # of modules on the bomb + 7
    White/Grey 6

Cipher #2 & Cipher #3

  • Each of the cipher displays shows a repeating transmission of the second and third ciphers.
  • Each symbol represents a letter of the alphabet. Translate the symbol using the translator page of the manual.
  • Once English equivalent letters have been obtained, convert each letter to its equivalent number (with A being 1).
  • Modulo 10 each digit to obtain your eight digit cipher.

Final Cipher

  • The final cipher is calculated by adding each of the individual digits of the three ciphers together.
  • Begin by multiplying the first cipher by 100 and then add each respective column of digits.
  • Modulo 10 each of the eight answers to get the eight digits of the final cipher.


  • Once you have obtained your final cipher, you can begin to solve the module.
  • Each digit of the final cipher refers to a stage. For each digit of the cipher, press all square variable buttons that have one of the labels as determined by the below table, followed by the circular submit button:
    Cipher Digit Letters
    0 A, F, I, L
    1 B, E, K, O
    2 D, N, Q
    3 C, G, P
    4 H, J, M
    5 E, J, Q
    6 F, L, P
    7 A, K, M
    8 C, G, H, O
    9 B, D, I, N
  • Additionally, at the following stages:
    Stage Buttons To Press
    2 Press every button that contains the execute button label
    4 Press every button that contains the execute button colour
    6 Press every button that is the colour of the first wire
    7 Press every button that is the colour of the third wire
  • For stage eight, press every button that does NOT have a label for the given cipher digit.


  • Use the below table to translate between the symbol language and English:
    Letter Symbol Letter Symbol
    A A J J
    B B K K
    C C L L
    D D M M
    E E N N
    F F O O
    G G P P
    H H Q Q
    I I X X