On the Subject of The Digit

Only one number? Easy!

This module shows a display with a single digit on it and two arrows for selecting a solution.

According to the edgework on the bomb, formulate a number and submit it via the arrows.

To submit the correct number, press the screen.

To find the correct number, follow the steps below in order.

1. Take the last digit of the serial number and add the number of batteries.
2. If the bomb has a RJ-45 or a DVI-D port, add the number of letters in the serial number.
3. If the number at this point is even, then halve it, otherwise double it.
4. Subtract the number of port plates.
5. If the number of batteries × battery holders is > 6, add 5 to your number.
6. Subtract 3 from your number.
7. If there are ports, multiply your number by the number of ports. Otherwise do nothing.
8. Add the number of lit indicators.
9. If your number is negative, multiply it by −1 (i.e., make it positive).
10. Finally, take the last digit of your number and submit it as the answer.