On the Subject of The Duck


The module will start off as a closed curtain. To solve the module, you must click a duck part to tame the duck. There are only five parts of the duck you will be able to click, and only one will work.


Based on the color of the curtain, you can figure out the personality of the duck.

Blue Friendly
Yellow Impatient
Green Shy
Orange Stubborn
Red Murderous


Click on the curtain to pull it back. Based on the personality from the last section, approach the duck using the first method in the corresponding row.

Friendly Walk to the duck, run to the duck, sneak up on the duck
Impatient Run to the duck, fly to the duck, dive at the duck
Shy Sneak up on the duck, swim to the duck, approach with caution
Stubborn Dive at the duck, swim to the duck, sneak up on the duck
Murderous Approach with caution, sneak up on the duck, dive at the duck

Duck Part

Based on how you approach the duck, click the corresponding part of the duck.
* Duck parts are from the defuser's perspective, not the duck.

Dive Belly Sneak Up Left Foot*
Walk Afro Swim Right Foot*
Run Beak Fly Eye
Approach with Caution Tail