On the Subject of The Festive Jukebox

C-H-E-A-Tea? Because I don’t like coffee.

The module shows three words.

Find a word list below that contains all three of those words.

Press the vinyl buttons next to the words in the order they appear in that list.

  • Christmas, Time, Afraid, Light, Banish, Shade
  • Feigning, Surprise, Gifts, Mulled, Month, Time
  • Wind, Blowing, Streets, Dark, Letter, Start
  • Hanging, Stocking, Time, Santa, Reindeer, Sleigh
  • Snow, Christmas, Peace, Earth, Raining, Virgin
  • Eve, Tank, Old, Another, Sang, Song
  • Christmas, Time, Outside, Presents, Parking, Credit
  • Snowman, Snow, Might, Great, Smile, Face
  • Reindeer, Mastermind, Run, Rudolph, Randalph, Behind
  • Snow, Falling, Children, Season, Understanding, Christmas
  • Christmas, Sentimental, Religious, Rather, Bread, Honest
  • Home, Christmas, Wait, Faces, Moving, Line
  • Angels, Sing, Glory, Earth, Peace, God
  • Christmas, Heart, Next, Year, Tears, Someone
  • Weather, Outside, Delightful, Since, Place, Snow
  • Christmas, Song, Year, Card, Nice, Here
  • Kringle, Bells, Jingle, Waiting, Christmas, Coming
  • Night, Holy, Calm, Bright, Virgin, Mild
  • Christmas, Need, Care, Presents, Underneath, Tree
  • Better, Watch, Cry, Pout, Claus, Coming