On the Subject of The Fortnight

Rekking noskins has never been easier before *dabs*

  • The module consists of three stages.
  • The first stage involves the defuser choosing where you alight from the Battle-Tram.
  • The second stage involves the defuser attacking an enemy in the smartest way to get their loot.
  • The third stage involves the defuser performing the best fortnight dance to dab on em haters.
  • Using the table below, you will find out where you will alight from the Battle-Tram.
  • Start from the starting number. If the starting number is odd, skip all the even fields. Otherwise, skip fields 1, 5 and 9.
  • Calculate your starting number by adding up the number of indicators, the number of modules on the bomb multiplied by pi and the sum of the alphanumerical values of all indicators. Drop any decimal points. Multiply by 2 if the serial number has no vowel, otherwise multiply by 3. Modulo the number by 20, then add 1
  • Only go to that location if the special condition (if any) is true.
Location Special Condition
1 Rubbish Intersection Only if there is "Waste Management" present.
2 Expensive Establishment none
3 Area 52 Only if the 20. September 2019 has already passed.
4 HTML is a programming language Only if there is a lit indicator labelled "BOB" present.
5 "Mountain" Only if the serial number has an "I" in it.
6 Retirement Hell Only if there is a "Retirement" present.
7 Scary Place (dont go ther) If you go there, the bomb will become really scared so it will strike.
8 "Lemon Snow" none
9 Wall'z Mart Only if there is a "Cheap Checkout" present.
10 Pillage Pond Only if there is a "Splitting the Loot" present.
11 Ktane headeights none
12 Ok Only if there's an indicator with the letter "K".
13 Despacito Dancefloor If the number of AA batteries is bigger than the number of D batteries.
14 Ligma Landing Only if there is an "Air Traffic Controller" module present.
15 No Just don't go there, okay?
16 Yes none
17 Australia Don't go there.s
18 No Friends Notch Only if there is "Bomb Diffusal" present.
19 Atomic Explosion Only if there is "3D Maze" present.
20 Rainy Racecar none
21 Ligma Lake Only if there is "Battleship" present.
  • In stage two you identify your weapon, your opponent and your opponent’s strength.
  • First identify your weapon. Every weapon has rarity, attack damage and reload time assigned to it.
Image Name Rarity Attack Dmg. Reload Time
Cut Legendary 75 2.1 seconds
Hugging Machine Rare 69 4.2 seconds
Ballpoint Pen Common 42 6.3 Seconds
Sharknado Uncommon 52 3.5 seconds
Green Apple Yeeter Legendary 302 10.32 seconds
Hunting Rare 99 2.4 seconds
Shoot thing Uncommon 22 1.2 seconds
AR-15 Rare 20 3.5 seconds
  • Secondly, identify your enemy, the enemy's strength and their health.
Image Name Strength Health
Balloon Solved Modules / Unsolved Modules * 100, drop any decimals then subtract 100 until the number is equal to or smaller than 100 The number of batteries * 10
Noskin 10 65
Ucinorn 1 1
Macca's Sum of the serial number numbers * 100 modulo 15 Sum of the alphanumerical positions of all the letters in the serial number
Zombey 100 90
Yes 10 30
default 20 80
  • If your weapon’s attack power is bigger than the health of your opponent, choose “Shoot and Heal” as your strategy.
  • Otherwise, if your weapon’s attack power is higher than three quarters of your opponent’s health, choose “Kamikaze” as your strategy.
  • Otherwise, if your weapon’s attack power is higher than half of your opponent’s health, choose “Jump and Shoot” as your strategy.
  • Otherwise, if your weapon’s attack power is higher than a quarter of your opponent’s health, choose “Dab on’em” as your strategy.
  • Otherwise, if your weapon’s attack power is lower than a quarter of your opponent’s health, choose “Hide” as your strategy. You will get a new opponent.

  • In stage three you have to choose the correct emote to execute so you can get the epic victory royale (*dab*)

  • By using your opponent, your weapon and some bomb edgework you can calculate your emote. Execute the first emote which fullfills all the conditions.
Image Only if weapon Only if opponent
Had a reload time of under 2.2 seconds existed
Had an attack damage of over 60 Had health bigger than 80
was Ucinorn existed
was legendary Had health lower than the weapons attack power
existed was an AR-15
was rare was stronger than 40
was common was stronger than 80

  • If you submitted the correct emote, you will get the most epic Victory Royale and you deserve to dab on all the haters!