On the Subject of The Garnet Thief

Surely, there is a way to win.

  • A “The Garnet Thief” module has four faction buttons, the names of your seven competitors, and which of the factions each of them claim to have chosen.
  • Play against your opponents in one round of Garnet Thief. If you select the faction which will grant you the most garnets, the module will solve. Otherwise, it will strike.

  • The four factions are:
    • Mafia (Red, Tommy Gun)
    • Cartel (Green, Rifle)
    • Police (Black, Badge)
    • Beggars (White, Bowl)
  • Each round, four garnets are available to be won. The garnets will be divided according to the following rules:

    • If one of the criminal organizations (Mafia or Cartel) has more members than the other, the four garnets will be evenly split among all members of the more popular organization.
    • If both criminal organizations have the same number of members, the four garnets will be evenly split among the Police.
    • Any leftover garnets will be evenly split among the Beggars.

  • Look up the names of the other players in Table A to see if they are lying. If a player is lying, then the faction they actually selected is determined by the row corresponding to the first true statement in Table B.
  • If there is a tie for the faction choice that will grant you the greatest number of garnets, select the tied faction that fewer people actually selected. If the tie persists, select the tied faction that fewer people claimed. If the tie still persists, select any of any answers that are still tied.

Table A

Name I am lying if...
Jungmoon ...no two factions have been claimed the same number of times (including zero).
Yeonseung ...it means I would be a Beggar.
Jinho ...there is a "The 1, 2, 3 Game" or "English Entries" module on the bomb.
Dongmin ...I claimed Police or Beggar.
Kyunghoon ...there are more Mafia claims than Cartel claims.
Kyungran ...I claimed Mafia or Cartel.
Yoohyun ...it would make the total number of lying players odd.
Junseok ...it means I would not become a Beggar.
Sangmin ...the number of Mafia and Cartel claims are the same.
Yohwan ...there are more Cartel claims than Mafia claims.
Yoonsun ...one faction has been claimed four or more times.
Hyunmin ...three factions have been claimed the same number of times (including zero).
Junghyun ...the number of Police and Beggar claims are the same.

Table B

Conditions: Claim
Mafia Cartel Police Beggar
There is more than one vowel in the serial number Cartel Mafia Beggar Police
There are 4 digits in the serial number Beggar Police Cartel Mafia
There is a port plate which has an RJ-45, a Stereo RCA, a PS/2 and a DVI-D port. Mafia Mafia Police Police
There are at least 3 empty port plates Beggar Beggar Beggar Beggar
There is exactly one battery Beggar Police Mafia Cartel
There are at least 4 distinct port types Police Beggar Mafia Cartel
There is an unlit BOB indicator, and 2 batteries in 2 holders Cartel Cartel Beggar Beggar
There is a Lying Indicators and a Mafia on the bomb Police Mafia Mafia Mafia
There is a Dr. Doctor and a Stoichiometry on the bomb Cartel Beggar Cartel Cartel
Every port plate on the bomb has exactly one port, and there is at least one plate Beggar Police Beggar Police
The serial number contains a character from "G3N1US" Police Cartel Cartel Police
The number of battery holders, indicators, and port plates is exactly 16 Cartel Cartel Cartel Cartel
The number of consonants in all indicators is a multiple of the number of vowels Mafia Mafia Mafia Mafia
There is a The Jukebox and a Synchronization on the bomb Police Police Police Police
None of the above apply Mafia Cartel Police Beggar