On the Subject of The Hangover


  • It's been one of those nights and you've woken up with a blinder of a headache and a note to yourself chronicling the bad decisions you made the night before.
  • Before you can start sorting your life out, you're going to need something to take the edge off. The flowchart has been engineered to find the perfect hangover cure for any situation.
  • Using the information on the module from your "note to self", start at the centre square and follow the relevant paths. Continue adding ingredients (or mixing the elixir in some way) until you reach a repeated square.
  • Beware: creating an incorrect elixir will make the hangover worse (and cause a strike).
  • The "note to self" will not be accessible once you have started creating the elixir. Rum, gin and vodka are considered to be spirits.
KaleShotsNoshotsLardNonspiritSpiritAvocadotoastSpiritNonspiritHalf aBig MacNoshotsShotsShot ofred wineWalkedUberAspirinStoveFloorBedSofaDirtGinWhite wineRumCiderLagerRedwineVodkaProseccoShhhhhhhh!ShotsNo shotsBlack coffeeSofaBedFloorStoveBLENDNotsickSickSHAKEBedSofaFloorStoveCooking oilUberWalkedMayonnaiseDonerkebabShishkebabChickenkebabNokebabSlicedappleUberWalkedSTIRSickNotsickPetrolShotsNoshotsTea with18 sugarsWalkedUberRemorse &contritionNoshotsShotsFamily-packof OreosNonspiritSpirit2 raw eggsNotsickSickBaconcrispsNokebabShishkebabDoner kebabChicken kebabEntire canof Red BullSickNotsick500g ofsugarSickNotsickWhole pizzaNo shotsShotsWHISK