On the Subject of The Heart

It’s true; bombs can feel emotions too. How exciting is that?

  • This module presents a beating heart. It pumps blood to the other modules on the bomb.
  • If the heart beats normally, no action needs to be taken.
  • Incurring a strike on the bomb will cause the heart to stop beating. Additionally, the heart will stop beating when the bomb’s timer differs by exactly a minute or more from the time it was at when the heart last started again. Lastly, the heart will also stop beating when the bomb’s countdown timer reaches below 1 second.
  • A stopped heart will gradually lose its color until there is none left. This will take 60 real-time seconds.


  • When stopped, the heart must be defibrillated by pressing on it once.
  • Defibrillation must occur before the heart becomes fully decolorized.
  • Upon defibrillation, the heart will restart and regain its healthy color.
  • Failure to defibrillate the heart in time will incur a strike on the bomb.
  • Do not defibrillate a beating heart. This will also incur a strike.

Disarming the module

  • Solved modules do not require blood. Therefore, when enough other modules are solved the heart is no longer needed and will disarm itself.
  • The point at which this occurs is when the amount of times the heart has been defibrillated is greater than or equal to the amount of remaining unsolved modules on the bomb. keeping track of these factors may be worth it if the bomb contains modules that do something when a module is solved.
  • The module will then automatically solve the next time the heart stops beating. Solved hearts no longer require defibrillation.
  • Multiple hearts cannot solve within 2 real-time seconds of one another. If this situation occurs, a heart will simply stop without solving. The solve will then occur on the next stop. This does not apply if the bomb’s countdown timer is below 1 second.

Edge case

  • If for whatever reason the bomb’s timer increases by a multiple amount of seconds while a heart’s solve condition is met, and it ends up differing by a minute or more from the starting/reference time, the heart will not stop.
  • Instead, a new reference time is set: The heart will stop (and solve) when the bomb’s timer is a minute (or more) lower than the time it jumped to.
  • The heart will also still stop upon a strike or imminent explosion.