On the Subject of The Hidden Value

Okay, there's a plate with a black screen and... nothing's on it.

  • On the module there is a grey plate with a black screen on it. This black screen is seemingly empty.
  • The defuser will have to rotate the bomb so that at an angle a value in a certain color can be seen. This value represents which hinge you are required to push down.
  • At these angles there can be up to a minimum of three different numbers and a maximum of six. The exact amount of values that are on the bomb is unidentifiable.
  • The hinges are numbered 1 - 8 in reading order.
  • 0 represents the hinge equal to the second digit in the serial number - 1.
  • 9 represents any other one hinge not used by other digits.
  • Use the chart below to find a number that identifies when you are required to push a certain hinge down. Press the hinge for that value when the last seconds digit on the countdown timer is the number you get from the chart. Do this for all values.
  • Unhinging all hinges associated with the values solves the module.

After the module is solved, the module's plate will become loose and fall off the bomb.

Value ->1 or 72 or 45 or 83690
Red94 or 585660
Green372 or 54615 or 9
White223 or 74 or 7089
Yellow40361 or 343
Magenta1 or 6471490 or 8
Cyan50983 or 416
Purple6 or 83 or 475532