On the Subject of The Hypercolor

What do you mean two? there’s only one hypercube!

This module has 16 icosahedrons each represents the vertices of two stacked hypercubes.

To solve this module, you have to press the correct vertex.

If you press the wrong vertex, a strike will be recorded and module will reset.

Finding the vertex to press

There are 2 hidden hypercubes, with each vertex having one of the colors: Black(000), Red(100), Green(010), Blue(001), Yellow(110), Magenta(101), Cyan(011) or White(111)

Of the colors, only one of them were assigned to exactly one vertex, while other colors were assigned to several vertices. The vertex which was assigned the unique color is the vertex to press.

Getting each vertex's color

The result of adding the color channels of each hypercube's vertex on the same position will be the corresponding vertex's color on the module.

For the further information, see the reference below.

Rotating both cubes

You cannot identify each vertex’s original color with only one state of the cubes.

Pressing the background will rotate each of the two cubes in a random direction. Get the color by rotating until you can identify the original color of each vertex.