On the Subject of The Hypercube

This device looks like it was recovered from an alien spacecraft. It moves in strange ways. What does it want from us?

Observe the sequence of five 4D rotations of the hypercube. There is a brief pause when the sequence repeats.

From the first four rotations, obtain four hypercube faces as listed in the Face column in the below table.

From the fifth rotation, obtain a sequence of colors as listed in the Order column in the below table.


The rotations are identified by which positive axis direction rotates into which other positive axis direction.


To begin, touch any vertex of the hypercube. This will cause the rotations to cease. You can resume the rotations and cancel your input by long-pressing on any vertex.

On the face identified by the first rotation, touch the vertex of the color identified by the first color in the color order obtained earlier.

Repeat this with the remaining rotations and colors in the sequence.

A mistake will cause the rotations to resume and your progress to reset. The sequence of rotations remains the same, but the vertices may be colored differently.

The Y axis not shown has +Y/top and −Y/bottom and is perpendicular to X and Z, meaning that it points out of the module, away from the bomb.