On the Subject of The Hyperlink


To disarm the module, the defuser needs to describe each character encrypted in the various methods of encryption to the expert, you have to plug the set of characters into the following link (make sure you put it after the ‘v=’, or else the link will not work): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

The video contains a voiceover line which comes from the cards in Modules Against Humanity and you must find out which module is being referred to. Once you have done that, tell your defuser the module that was referenced and submit it.

Refer to “Exceptions and Notes” at the bottom for clarifications and confusions. Refer to “How to Operate The Hyperlink” to tell your defuser how to navigate it. Refer to "References" to find links you may need to solve the module.

Encryptions found within The Hyperlink can be any of the following, capitals will always be spelled in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet, while lowercase letters will always be single letters.

0FFAlphabetic Position
08FAmerican Sign Language
8F0Cube Symbols
00F"Deaf" Semaphore Telegraph
FF8Elder Futhark
80814-Segment Display
0F0Maritime Flags
F8FMoon Type
080Morse Code
88FStandard Galactic Alphabet
F08SYNC-125 [3]
F88Tap Code
088Wingdings 2
8FFWingdings 3

How to Operate The Hyperlink

To navigate between each letter, press the arrow on the left to go left, and the one on the right to go right. This does not loop around. Press the square button bottom right to go to the submission page. The arrows will navigate you between each module icon, and this time they do loop around. Press the square button on the module icon you want to submit. This module does NOT reset on a strike but does send you back to the encryptions page.

Exceptions & Notes

Important: All fonts have the colors inverted (i.e. white shows up as black and black shows up as white)

Numeric characters are spelt out in English.

Non-alphanumeric characters that show up in The Hyperlink are underscores (_) and dashes (-). They show up as “UNDERLINE” and “DASH” respectively.

The color of the border and the colors shown on the right side of the module can be used to differentiate between the different encodings.

Use Set A in the Bamboozled Again manual for Boozleglyphs.

The following Cube Symbols are not in the manual for The Cube:

The symbol in “Deaf” Semaphore Telegraph for ‘J’ is the one for ‘&’.

The runes in Elder Futhark are as follows on this module:

  • ‘C’ is what is shown in the manual.
  • ‘K’ is shown as if it were ‘CC’.
  • ‘Q’ is shown like this: ‘◊’.
  • ‘W’ is shown as if it were ‘UU’.

The Maritime Flags are NOT colored, however white stays as white and black stays as black (but as stated above inverted on the module).

Here's what Ogham looks like on this module for your convenience:


'N' in Semaphore appears as 'Error'.

Symbols from SYNC-125 [3] for ‘Q’ and ‘X’ appear as ‘?’ and ‘!’ respectively.

Tap Code is shown as 2 digits for each letter, the first digit being for row, the second being for column. K is represented as ‘66’.

The Modules Against Humanity™ Manual does not include Laundry nor Rotary Phone.

3D Maze yK-2RwenHygk
Adjacent Letters 3lrvgMc7DBU
Adventure Game mXXJXNloTUU
Alphabet Jhr4S7Kihsw
Anagrams 1OU2zBusTc4
Answering Questions 7cXvqgU7S30
Astrology ZJ3SuU4CLxI
Backgrounds -AuTWClc0ps
Battleship NCfhGSThp34
Big Circle I9YpqNbE04o
Bitmaps i2GX_yllT2Y
Blind Alley TMoFq0D1Jtc
Blind Maze 4MoIHkNqkKU
Braille Bq1B82pitLg
Broken Buttons OJsfwTb6XB8
Burglar Alarm mIYYazRkppQ
Button Sequences AAwWgzyEcEY
Caesar Cipher Q4BoxQkR5AU
Capacitor Discharge FJv-xV4eiB4
Cheap Checkout J95TbfQymxw
Chess j7ij3a6Bckc
Chord Qualities jbRg53U7mYU
Colour Flash w1RMQXnpZFQ
Colored Squares rSsPgkwyg_8
Colored Switches 6NPhJnUGbcI
Combination Lock KrAoelzn9Rw
Complicated Buttons b0i84rMMYPA
Complicated Wires KirbywLSysw
Connection Check pveM77kyHhI
Cooking NUAIL5KmIjM
Coordinates A8trsxRrlGQ
Crazy Talk _KqeKlop-yI
Creation Ffu5F3R_64s
Cryptography l6qyz5IlONY
Double-Oh 0SB5lP8Al-k
Emoji Math A3Jhga1sZHE
English Test qhu4xOxPqTw
European Travel f7QZgLYrqeU
Faulty Backgrounds e17aNUgJXks
Filibuster GHzOOs8nwao
Follow The Leader qkZaHNiVLEM
Foreign Exchange Rates 4UHeMpXnW9k
Forget Me Not w7eDs_IBLdY
Friendship QnSE5V9mLw0
Game Of Life Cruel 78xZYSxRZWA
Game Of Life Simple uPcTIV_MSQk
Hexamaze fNDZo8-FOs0
HTTP Response bz7MDHiWggM
Hunting sl0GFlbRhNA
Ice Cream R9zIPRwfTjw
Keypad iFEFBxTiV7g
Knob 1947_K2AkQU
Laundry HU30V1yHdIY
Letter Keys EQ6TU53wgts
Light Cycle wAuv2CuUP6Q
Lights Out 72ruZA1wDBw
Listening Nd_aTIEaby4
Logic d7QaktxKVUQ
Math iFAQUEjPS-k
Maze xvoRyekWpK8
Memory PCUxXuW9Opk
Microconotroller W1aZAIaM0t0
Modules Against Humanity wicpqX_Krnc
Monsplode Trading Cards 6EU46vycYGk
Monsplode, Fight! wAOF8whYH5I
Morse Code EiTW9_xQlSw
Morsematics RYIVFIoTyMc
Mortal Kombat 5IoMa4zJiK4
Motion Sense gchTqBMFzUc
Mouse In The Maze zOMum_E9SGA
Murder O0lk5-R2LtM
Mystic Square hIDYMNgdMwE
Neutralization X49hRnXG_1w
Number Pad WeXZ4WOQQEM
Orientation Cube F-XI2PkX6c0
Password D_1uqiSsPZA
Perspective Pegs G0CSfXeXn3M
Piano Keys fPdW5IoioAE
Plumbing 3S8czpKKjhI
Probing VhWXl5U3BGQ
Resistors Rsess4phjq0
Rock-Paper-Scissors... p9JuSc9DxVc
Rotary Phone T8WoIt8idzo
Round Keypad GaHcyRsMiOU
Safety Safe sW21j4GjPPI
Sea Shells ywC_66oZjq0
Semaphore lQbHkyHsnuA
Shape Shift cTMRqTUh9lE
Silly Slots sEU5-gmMSUk
Simon Says S-WQzD3lwLc
Simon Screams immQAJbBEwA
Simon States g_YbHXNFGlk
Skewed Slots 7sWLtJVIjDk
Souvenir 5JyzJedWD1E
Square Button 7m-kwhUlMGY
Switches Mg-6WN4wFrI
Symbolic Coordinates N-wQknYVJrE
Symbolic Password ZFBf8QYEBa4
Tetris 7sgIf3LkXzg
Text Field fRHEKFQcRqE
The Bulb rxYNbApHeBE
The Button MZ_9fyNFkSY
The Clock enHhcG0CalY
The Gamepad 78UHE6IlE4Q
The iPhone UY69PZNcO7Y
The Moon bnMuRYRucQU
The Stopwatch 42A8kJmydrI
The Sun osXQYG8xv3w
The Swan Pi-8AnblXwc
Third Base 5Tqm2UKGRDo
Tic-Tac-Toe 5bvvRHCiQtM
Turn The Key daftUGvdqnY
Turn The Keys 7VyuGADPlmE
Two Bits k6-vQpPZ25o
Venting Gas _4uJAjXmnbg
Who's On First nCyAsnjScCc
Who's That Monsplode WpTXswUJh_I
Wire Placement yqjcnLZabeI
Wire Sequence vCsnOyF4Vvk
Wires tt5T7qYqQwE
Word Scramble X7gSRu7xQ2c
Word Search 8qcovi-pR9k
Zoo P4Lrnmdxr5A