On the Subject of The Jack-O’-Lantern

Trick or treat!

  • The module displays a Jack-O’Lantern and two buttons that say "Trick" and "Treat".
  • Follow the table based on the eyes and mouth of the Jack-O’-Lantern.
  • Pressing the wrong button will cause a strike and will display a new Jack-O’-Lantern.

Jack-O’-Lantern Mouth / Eyes
Unlit > lit indicators No batteries No empty port plates CAR indicator
Serial and parallel port on same plate SIG indicator Even amount of solved modules Lit > unlit indicators
Batteries > ports No stereo RCA and no RJ-45 ports PS/2 and DVI-D ports TRN indicator
  • If the information in the table is on the bomb, press "Trick". Otherwise, press "Treat".
  • However, if the Jack-O’-Lantern has a nose, press the other button.