On the Subject of The Jukebox

C-H-E-A-Tea? Because I don’t like coffee.

The module shows three words.

Find a word list below that contains all three of those words.

Press the vinyl buttons next to the words in the order they appear in that list.

  • Time, Place, What, Thing, Builds, Dreams, Slips, Away
  • Change, Mind, Honey, Still, Free, Take, Me
  • Lover’s, Humour, Funeral, Knows, Everybody’s, Should, Have, Sooner
  • We’re, Talking, Away, Don’t, Know, Anyway
  • Hear, Drums, Tonight, Hears, Quiet, Conversation
  • Less, Conversation, More, Action, Please, Aggravation, Satisfaction, Me
  • Standing, Edge, Forever, Start, Whatever, Shouting, Love, World
  • All, Things, True, Care, Truth, Brings, Take, Ride, Trip
  • Don’t, Care, Monday’s, Blue, Grey, Wednesday
  • There’s, Need, Feel, Down, Yourself, Ground
  • Leave, Tomorrow, Still, Remember, Travelling, Many, Places, See
  • Hole, Logic, Know, Answers, Claim, Science, Magic, Buy
  • Crossed, Deserts, Miles, Swam, Water, Searching, Piece, Something
  • Heard, Sound, Walls, Came, Down, Thinking, You
  • Time, Side, End, Beautiful, Thing, Spend
  • Something, Giving, You, One, Want
  • Give, Hand, Then, Hello, Hardly, Speak, Heart
  • Hello, Me, Wondering, After, Years, Meet
  • Place, Heart, Know, Love, Could, Much, Brighter, Tomorrow
  • Knows, Tomorrow, Brings, World, Few, Hearts, Survive
  • Hear, People, Sing, Songs, Men, Music, Will, Again
  • Need, More, Dreams, Less, Life, Dark, Light
  • Found, Love, Me, Darling, Dive, Right, Follow, Lead
  • Nobody, Tell, There’s, One, Song, Singing
  • Step, One, Need, Talk, Walks, Sit, Down