On the Subject of The Kanye Encounter

are you prepared with the sustenance that kanye desires?

You feel...

a mysterious presence looming...


What will you offer?

This module may contain Kanye. He wants food.
You might have a selection of various foods beneath Kanye.
Feed him the correct food.

His mood is determined by the last digit of the serial number. This must be evaluated accordingly.

Happy Angery Confused Presidential
0/6 3/7 2/8 1/4 5/9

The following page bears a codex of various “food” items. Choose the highest food in the list that is present and whose condition is true.

Failure to do so will disappoint Kanye and present new food options.

Appendix K: Food

Image Name Description Condition
Onion Thin orange skin. can be globose, flat, turbinate, discoidal, pear-shaped, oblate and conical. Kanye is Presidential or Confused
Corn Round, yellow, and cylindrical. Inedible What why would you eat this its inedible what WHY HOW WHY WOULD ANYBODY DO THIS THIS IS HORRIBLE WHAT HOW WHY IS THIS A THING HOW
big MIOLK Bulbous with a distinct paper-white surface. There is a Painting module, or the serial number has at least one letter in common with B1G
Yam Very long, tubular, unstable. There are no other unsolved modules.
Corn Cube Yellow and Angular, with sharp edges. Covered in round objects. Kanye is .
Egg Round, egg-shaped. May be white or brown. It is a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday in your time region*.
Eggchips mmm crunchy chips There are no ports on the bomb

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*Does not apply in the event of a time loop

hamger Two sesame buns placed upon each other There are duplicate ports.
Tyler the Creator Is a pancake. Kanye is angery or confused
Onionade Sweet, oniony. A simple blend of onions. Kanye is not happy or
Soup Unknown composition, yellow broth with flecks of herb. If less than half of the bomb’s time is remaining.
Error displayin
g image
jeb jeb The serial number has no letters in common with jeb
Garlic Bread Delicious garlic flavor, with a crunchy crust and a soft, garlicky inside. Always