On the Subject of the Klaxon

“Does someone get paid when that sound effect goes off?”
—Jimmy Carr, setting up the perfect punchline

  • This module features an initially blank screen, a large dome-shaped button, and two small arrow buttons.
  • At the start of the bomb, this module picks a random* letter of the English alphabet.
  • Whenever a module whose name contains this letter is disarmed, a klaxon** will sound and the name of the module will flash on the screen. (As a result, a module whose name contains no letters, such as 64, will never cause the klaxon** to go off.)
  • The name of the module will stay visible for approximately four seconds after the klaxon** ends before fading out.
  • Once you have enough information to deduce the secret letter, press the large button, use the arrow buttons to choose the letter, and press the large button again to submit. (Any sounds that occur due to pressing the large button are irrelevant to the disarming process.)
  • Buzzing in while the klaxon** is sounding will have no effect.
  • If the letter is correct*, the module will disarm. However, if the letter is incorrect, or if another module on the bomb is disarmed before a letter is submitted, this module will strike and return to its default state.

*Finer Details on Letter Choice

  • This module will always try choose a letter whose identity can be uniquely ascertained from all non-boss modules on the bomb. This also excludes pseudo-needy modules like The Swan and heavily time-dependent modules like Turn The Key. However, this module will still react accordingly to such modules when solved.
  • If no such letter can be chosen, then a correct letter will still be chosen at random, but any other letter that would result in the same pattern of klaxons** will still be accepted as correct.
  • If The Klaxon does not find any modules that can be taken into consideration (for example, if no regular module has a letter in its name), then every letter of the alphabet will be accepted as correct.

**Technically speaking, not actually a Klaxon.