On the Subject of The Labyrinth

It's like a maze, only spelt differently.

  • The module shows the first layer of a 5-layer labyrinth.
  • To disarm the module, ascend to the fifth layer and then back down to the first, moving between layers using one of the two orange portals.
  • The current location is marked in green.
  • The defuser cannot see the walls of the maze.
  • Moving onto a portal will move you to the next layer.
  • The portals will not be visible during the descent but will be in the same location as during the ascent.
  • Touching a wall will cause a strike and briefly display the maze's walls.
  • Touching a wall during the descent will briefly display the portals.
Layer 1 (Red)
Layer 2 (Orange)
Layer 3 (Yellow)
Layer 4 (Green)
Layer 5 (Blue)