On the Subject of The London Underground

Mind the gap!

  • The module consists of a departure station, a destination station and three line change boxes.
  • To defuse the module, you must submit a valid journey from your departure station to your destination station and press the 'Underground' button. This process must be repeated three times.
  • You may travel via anywhere you choose using up to a maximum of three lines. There is no penalty for longer journies.
  • If you only require one line for your journey, use the top box only. If you only require two lines for your journey, use the top two boxes only.
  • To change lines, press the '|' button on the relevant box. To change the station, press the '●' button on the relevant box.
  • Your locations will always be within zones 1-3.
  • Due to ongoing maintenance, the DLR, EAL, London Overground, TfL Rail and London Tram lines are not in service.
  • Entering an invalid journey will cause a strike and the module will reset.

  • A large print version of the London Underground map can be found here.

Map of the London Underground