On the Subject of The Midnight Motorist

The Bite of '87 refers to how many big macs William Afton ate before going into cardiac arrest.

  • You have decided to go back to the arcade with friends and play your favorite cabinet there: The Midnight Motorist.

  • You pride yourself on being the best Midnight Motorist gamer in the city, so you quite want to win.

  • Before you play against your friends, you decide that you need a bit of practicing. After all, you are a bit rusty since you’ve been spending all of your time touching and smoking grass.

  • Every time you press the yellow button on the left, you can simulate a race with four of the eight possible race cars.

  • A race is performed via the following steps:
    1. Each racer (a racist, if you will) will compete against the racer on the same road.
    2. The winner of that mini-competition will then compete against the winner of the competition below (or above.)
    3. The losers will also have their own competition, with the winner being the fastest of the losers, but still slower than the previous winners.
    4. You will not get to see any of the direct competitions, but instead the final result of the race. You can use the final placings and positions to determine who beats whom.
    5. TL;DR/illiterate: Bracket tournament
  • A racer will always beat a racer it has beat previously, and vice versa.

  • When you believe you have enough information, you can press the blue button on the left side to face off against your friends. You can press it again to go back into the test stage.

  • Selecting the car that will put you in first place will further prove that you are The Midnight Motorist™ and the best around.